I am an award winning writer, spiritual director, retreat facilitator & expressive arts educator and lover of the simple life, based on the Connecticut shoreline near Mystic, a quintessential New England seaside village.  

In 2006 I made a complete career shift literally reinventing myself. After what seemed like a lifetime of wanting to be a writer and live near the ocean, I moved to the shoreline and NEVER looked back! I became a freelance writer and journalist for a local newspaper and had a weekly column for four years. My freelance writing has since been published in local, regional and national publications. My dream of becoming a writer and living by the ocean had come true.

A few years back, when my brother was diagnosed with stomach cancer the meaning of life took on a whole new dimension. As I watched my baby brother’s vibrant life wither away before my eyes, the wisdom of making the most of this “one wild and precious life” (to quote Mary Oliver) became more than just a cliché. It became my reality.

I had been working 65 hours a week, full time for the newspaper and part time as the Community Minister at Niantic Community Church. And like so many writers, the early chapters of my own book continued to sit in a drawer untouched. I hardly knew my name and I craved a more creative, meaningful life. A more intentional life.

In January, 2012, I received a most unexpected gift. I was laid off at the newspaper. It was unexpected primarily because I was the only staff reporter for the Weeklies of Sun Publishing at the time. I thought I was indispensable but the number crunchers got the brainstorm to publish their weekly newspapers exclusively with freelance writers. I found myself with no insurance benefits, working a 25 hour week at the church. Yikes!

The funny thing is, I felt a breath of fresh air wash over me. I was free. Uninsured but free. I never would have left my full time job with all its benefits on my own. This was the gift that keeps on giving. I reached into my cadre of skills and began freelancing for other publications and reached out to small business and non-profits to help them with their publicity needs. My work at the church had led me to certificates in Spiritual Direction and Labyrinth Facilitation and my practice began to grow. Without spending all my time writing other people’s stories, I finally found time to work on my own. Focused on writing a book, I was invited to join a writing group at the Carolina Fiber and Fiction Center led by the extraordinary Grace Farrell.

I embraced more creative work and started selling my photography. I believe in the undeniable connection between spirituality and creativity and I facilitate programs to invite folks into that exchange. For the past 13 years I've been creating and presenting programs uniting spirituality and expressive arts, and I've presented talks to small businesses on press release writing and all sorts of things in between. I presented a writing workshop at the Mark Twain House. and was a features writer for Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the the Widow/er's Journey. I continue to write for various publications as opportunities arise.


I work on my book and even put together an occasional Creating a Writing Life program to bring other writers together to honor their gifts, empower each other and celebrate the writing life. Life is good. Creating A Writing Life programs, inspire writers to awaken their creativity and not be afraid to begin that adventure into the unknown. This program is very personal and intimate, with writing as soul work, bringing depth to the experience of writing, and in a safe, infinitely encouraging environment, the gifts of the writer are revealed.

In 2019 I made a commitment to get my first book finished. I say first because I know there is more than one in me. And I created a blog to share that journey with you. Join me, won't you?


Mission Statement: To publish writing that inspires humanity to live out their passionate, sacred, authentic lives.